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JATS XML Open Dialects

This page documents Free Open-Source Software (FOSS) and Open Access (OA) repositories that establish various open dialects of JATS XML. Baseprint Document Format (BDF) establishes another JATS open dialect: Baseprint JATS, developed for self-publishing workflows using author-authored JATS XML. Author-authored JATS demands FOSS that supports WYPIEWYP: What-You-Preview-Is-Essentially-What-You-Publish.

JATS XML is formally defined through specifications and recommendations:

JATS XML Open Repositories

Open-source Full-Article XML Transformation

"Transformation" is meant in a general sense, and not only XSLT.

HTML Reading Venue XML Data Source Software Language
PMC PubReader (discontinued 2024) PMC OA Subset PubReader XSLT + JavaScript
Europe PMC (EPMC) Preprint servers full-text-xsl + ? XSLT + ?
EPMC manuscript submission system? internal? full-text-xsl + xpub-epmc XSLT + JavaScript
eLife Reviewed Preprints bioRxiv Encoda TypeScript
Open Journal Systems (OJS) journal manual imports by journal staff JATSParserPlugin PHP + JavaScript
Open Journal Systems (OJS) journal manual imports by journal staff lensGalley & lensGalleyBits plugins PHP
American Mathematical Society (AMS) journals internal AMS texml-to-html JavaScript
Some journals hosted by Centre Mersenne internal MathDoc platform Python
SciELO? internal? packtools XSLT + Python

Open-source What-You-Preview-Is-Essentially-What-You-Publish

Tool Software Language
FidusWriter FidusWriter Python + JavaScript

JATS Reading Open-Source Software Under Development

Software Language Notes
Epijats Python (with Pandoc and NPM dependencies) Generates HTML and PDF previews
jats-to-myst package of mystmd JavaScript TypeScript TypeScript