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Baseprints Interoperability Forum

This website and associated GitHub repository are for sharing information about Baseprint open formats. The goal is to help users and developers assess the interoperability between applications that read or write in a Baseprint format.

Baseprint Open Formats

Baseprint Document Format (BDF):
This format encodes a Baseprint document snapshot.
Document Succession Git Layout (DSGL):
Baseprint document snapshots are stored inside a document succession in DSGL format.
Document Succession Identifiers (DSI):
A DSI is a textual identifier for document successions and snapshots.

Baseprint Feature D's

The GitHub Discussions category Baseprint Feature D's is available to facilitate discussions, decisions, proposals, definitions, etc. that focus on a specific feature of a Baseprint format.


DSI, DSGL, and BDF together make Baseprint document successions, which are introduced on


Software Reading/Writing in DSGL

Software library and tool that reads/writes document successions in DSGL.
Document Succession Highly Manual Toolkit:
Manual for software toolkit that reads/writes document successions in DSGL.

Software Writing in a Baseprint Format

A BDF authoring tool that can be used via GitHub Actions, container, or locally installed.
This tool can output JATS XML, which can be BDF compatible.

Software Reading in a Baseprint Format

Software generating web pages from Baseprint document successions. For a tutorial, see "Generate Pages for a Published Digital Succession".
An open-source library used by BaseprintPress,,, and Baseprinter (for previews).


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