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Digital research documents disseminated across many channels.




To learn more, you can read this document (itself a baseprint):

What is a baseprint?

or try creating your own baseprint.

Author a baseprint

Reading baseprints

There are several ways to access an archived baseprint:

  • Run software to retrieve a baseprint from a git repository.
  • Run software to retrieve a baseprint from the Software Heritage Archive.
  • Browse to a baseprint indexed by
  • Browse to an independent website that presents a baseprint as HTML and/or PDF.
  • Browse to a baseprint that has been archived at the Internet Archive.

The easiest way for readers is to visit or an independent website that serves HTML and PDF presentations of baseprints. For example, one way to read the document "What is a baseprint?" is to browse to the URL:

An application that you can run on your own computer to read archived baseprints is currently being developed. An open-source software utility and library that can convert a baseprint into a webpage and PDF file is epijats.