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About Baseprints

This Website

The static HTML files for this website are generated with Material for MkDocs. The source files are located at


"Baseprint" was the clear winner in this word choice survey.

Future Plans


Image support for BDF
As of 2023, Baseprint software does not support images.
BaseprintPress available as a GitHub Action
A new website in a new subdomain under that uses BaseprintPress.
E-publication of the Maggi paper
Sabino Maggi is the first pilot user interested in publishing a Baseprint document.
Document succession resolver service launch
A web API that resolves a DSI to all the SWHIDs for each of the snapshots by querying the Software Heritage Archive and GitHub. It needs to use OpenSSH to verify SSH signatures.
In-browser client-side BDF-to-HTML rendering
Calls the resolver service. Websites can use it without having to generate content server-side or statically.
DOI-DSI upgrade available
A DOI registrar that can mint a DOI for a DSI if an author requests.